Engagement Parties

Deciding to get married is a significant and fascinating turning point in your relationship — and what better excuse is there to get a celebration?
An engagement party is a chance for your own families to meet and get to know each other better, and also to allow your friends to combine and mingle before the large event. Plus, naturally, it is an opportunity to observe your great news together with all the significant people in your own lives.

Traditionally, engagement parties were held from the bride’s parents, however now it’s a lot more common to the couple to arrange and host their event.
It’s all up to you on how to make your party unique and extraordinary or check out www.hellomagazine.com on some of the craziest ways to throw a engagement parties.

In case you already live together, and you’ve got loads of space for fun, you may love to celebrate at home. A buddy or one or other group of parents might want to host the party in their location, but remember to talk to them about the sort of celebration you need, and also help out with organising and cleaning up. To keep everything manageable, you may prefer to pick a local place, like a restaurant or pub you love visiting, or the shore where the proposal happened.

Newlyweds Amanda and Brent desired to get a small, intimate party on a budget, and so that they encouraged family and friends together for drinks at a nearby pub. We did not have plenty of cash to invest, so we arranged to get a gathering in a location we and our friends like to visit,’ says Amanda said ‘We did not need to hire the entire pub — we simply organized some nibbles and establish a bar tab, so everybody might have a couple drinks. People can come and go if they want, so a lot of friends can come in and celebrate with us.’

Keep in mind that you have a major party coming up, so you do not want to sacrifice your wedding budget on your engagement party. Nobody will be expecting a complete sit-down dinner or a formal event — it might be a coffee-and-cake afternoon tea, a casual dinner or grill, evening beverages or a dinner. For those who have some elderly relatives which you need to invite in addition to your circle of friends, think about using a staggered occasion where the elderly guests can arrive sooner, along with the younger folks!

Like your wedding, you may wish to have a theme to the engagement party, which may increase the feeling of celebration and fun. Sarah and Benjamin used the red carpet because the engagement party is a ‘Hollywood elegance’ theme. The invitation looks like movie tickets, the place was decorated with movie posters, and guests were served martinis and tasty canapés. Bride-to-be Vicky and her fiancé Jared picked Roger Hargreaves’ Mr Men and Little Miss characters as their subject, and guests were requested to come because of their favourite character. ‘We had matches to match the subject, also, adding a quiz regarding the characters from the novels and a big thanks to the photographer  Phillippa James Photography who got some amazing pictures.’ Vicky said

Keep it comfortable and enjoyable, and do not get stressed trying to do all yourselves. Ask help from friends or your wedding celebration to split the load of organising invitations, decorations, food and beverages. Vicky and Jared’s celebration was held in their community church hall and has been a group effort, with family and friends helping out with all the decorations, music and catering.

Jared’s mother made a special cake, full of iced figurines of Mr Happy (Jared) and Little Miss Sunshine (Vicky).
Concerning who to invite, there aren’t any hard and fast rules. It is really up to you if you invite all of your loved ones or friends or just your loved ones. If you want a large wedding, you do not have to invite everybody into the engagement party — you might want to stay with close family and friends and make it a romantic party. If you have made it known that you are having a small wedding — maybe just family — or if you are getting married abroad or in another city, you might have a more comprehensive list of people that you’d love to invite.

The party may be casual, but it is perfect to have one or more individuals make a brief speech or toast at a certain point. Either you or your fiancé may say a few words to thank everybody for attending — great practice for the wedding day! — and one or both sets of parents may welcome the chance to express their best wishes to the happy bunch. When there’s likely a toast, then make sure everybody’s drinks are wrapped up ahead.

Gifts aren’t expected at engagement parties, but a lot of guests will nonetheless wish to bring you a little something. Etiquette and heritage suggest that gifts have been given ahead of the celebration, but if a few guests do bring them together, be discreet and open them after, so others do not feel uneasy. And do not neglect to send notes to say thank you!

The biggest secret of having a successful engagement celebration is just to enjoy yourselves. Do not stress yourself out with complicated structures or blow your finances, and produce the preparation and organising a part of the enjoyment, if you do need some guidnece check his article out over at The Knot and consider how good your wedding will be — that is only the start!

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