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Whether you are using a professional makeup artist or doing your makeup then we would suggest using this guide over at Byrdie, then below are a few pointers that will assist you to attain a picture-perfect look on your wedding day.

Your base will make or break your photos. It ought to be moderate to full coverage, rather than reflect light when photographed. Light-diffusing, anti-ageing bases or those comprising a sunblock may ‘bounce back’, developing a pale, black appearance.

If you are considering applying your foundation, ask your breeder or mother to confirm it is well mixed on the hairline and chin, and on your ears if you’re wearing your hair up. It is really important to employ a base in your ears also so that they don’t appear red in contrast to your ideal complexion. A base brush will enable you greater protection as it does not absorb the base like a sponge. Brushes are much simpler to work with than they seem and provide a perfect finish to your skin.

When deciding on your eyeshadow, pick tones that match you and make you look better — not exactly what is in vogue this year. Go easy on shimmery, glittery eyeshadows. If overused, they will make your entire eye jump forward in photographs like a goldfish. Rather, utilise shimmer sparingly as a highlight beneath your brow bone, on the chunk of your cheek, your cheekbones and your temples — only sweep up softly from the cheekbone. To get a soft bridal appearance in your eyes, then use a soft eyeshadow brush. The thicker the brush, the more subtle the consequence, and the simpler it is to make it seem great as minimal mixing is necessary.

Consistently use blush. Lots of women are fearful of wearing blush, but without it, you might wind up looking attracted and dead. The best guideline using blush is ‘less is more’ — only a bit of the apple of the cheek will provide you with a refreshing and young appearance.


Decide which sort of lipstick that you would like to use and then select your colour from what is available. Only use gloss if your hair is off your head or you’re with an indoor service and reception since there’s nothing worse than hair blowing off tacky lips and dispersing lip gloss around your face. A matte lipstick will provide you with a classic Audrey Hepburn appearance, even though an absolute or frosted one is going to put less emphasis on the lips.

Layering your lip gloss products will let your colour last longer. Begin with clean, dry lips. Primarily, line your lips with the pen, and then smudge the pencil on your whole lip as pens have stronger pigments compared to lipstick n and will produce a blot on your lips which will stay long after your lipstick has worn off. Then put on your lipstick and your gloss, even if you are wearing one, finished that.
Eventually, practise your grin, and use it a great deal for your big moment!

No matter how expert you are with cosmetics, taking photographs of your finished look is the very best method to inspect the effect you’ve made. You will be amazed exactly how much more cosmetics you may wear in the photos and still look natural. Practice until it’s ideal, and take pictures in both artificial and natural light to make sure you’re content with your appearance.

A big thank you to Caroline White @ cwhite.co.uk

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