Groom’s manual: Why can’t I see my bride in her dress before the marriage?

Among the few things most guys DO understand about getting married is that you are not likely to visit the bride in her wedding gown before the wedding, but I realised that I didn’t have a clue why this is. Bad luck? Certainly, there needs to be more to it than that. Why can’t I see the bride in her wedding dress before the marriage?

Just a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. This belief goes back to a time when arranged marriages were the norm. In family arranged marriages; the couple will only get to see each other after the agreement. But this caused it some dangers, and it wasn’t unusual for some guys to back out at the last minute after seeing the girl they were about to marry.

How to deal with this matter? Somehow ask the suggested couple if they found each other attractive? Certainly not, that makes sense! Rather, the couples were often prohibited from meeting each other before the day of the wedding. It is quite tricky to run from your wedding when everybody is already there!

Even though the tradition of arranged marriages has mostly dropped by the wayside, the superstition that seeing the bride in her dress before the big day has dwelt on.

I am not a superstitious person, so that is no problem. Are there any advantages to me obtaining an advance screening of the primary show?

I Do Not Like It
As mentioned by Paul at Paul Weller Photography What if I do not like it? Imagine if she loves it, but it is the absolute opposite of what I’d expected. Surely by having to see it early that I will voice my remarks that it would not be exactly what I’d gone for?

WRONG. From the time my fiancée finally decides on a dress, she’ll have probably spent tens, or even dozens of thousands of hours exploring, travelling to and trying on gowns. She’ll have consulted together with her closest confidants. She would like to feel unique, and she has finally found a dress that makes her feel nothing but that. The final thing she wants is me destroying all effort to become practical and beneficial, Grooms seeing brides for the first time is something that we all have to go through.

If it comes to our big day, all I will care about is that she is happy…and that she’s turned up! Every guy knows that his bride will be beautiful on their wedding day, and it’ll have little to do with all the wedding gown.

Now we are talking. I understand from firsthand experience that a bride will stress that their husband-to-be will not adore their wedding gown. Fear of disappointment is something grooms understand completely — particularly the ones that have chosen their engagement ring! It is an entirely natural concern, albeit one which is rarely warranted.

But if the stress is powerful enough that it is causing issues, permitting the groom to see the dress beforehand does make sense. The reassurance that the two of you love the dress can go a very long way to easing heads before the big moment.

So superstition is outside the window, I have no fear of terrible luck, and visiting that the wedding gown might give my fiancée some reassurance. Does that mean I wish to see it?

Nope. Not a chance
The more I see it, the more I simply don’t need to understand. I can not help but want this memorable moment in the church. I want to get blown away, and that I want her to notice that. Music, amusement, meals, place, hell even the flowers are the things we can agree on together.

The dress? Not for me — I have some areas that need researching. to check out this guide .

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