The Vow Renewals

You might have been together for a year, five, 10, 25 or even 50, but there’s no limitation on when or how frequently you may profess your love for one another. The attractiveness of vow renewals is that, unlike a marriage, it’s all about you and the love of your lifetime.

Bristol Wedding Photographer Simon Withyman was very kind enough to help us put this article together and makes some very interesting points. Some couples decide to renew their vows annually, but some choose massive landmarks. And you may select to get a romantic renewal with only the two of you or allow it to be more of a party by inviting family and friends together also.

Why do it?

You don’t want a reason to renew your vows. You should feel the love more than ever, just do this!

Some couples may decide to take action after going through a rough patch in their marriage for a method of starting new and looking into the future, and many others prefer to take action in celebration of landmark anniversaries.

Some couples make use of a vow renewal as a chance to enjoy a romantic celebration of the love they originally had the expansive OTT wedding or around the flip side whenever they eloped originally it may be a chance to have the large party they missed out.

The hosts

Typically, couples host their very own vow renewals, or a few might have the party thrown for them with their adult children.

There’s a trend at which the maid of honour or the ideal person may host the event for a surprise to the couple.

The place

You can revisit the place where you were first married, decide on an area that’s significant for you and your partner or just visit the shore, a botanical garden, or your backyard. There are only limits in case you opt to get a huge celebration, otherwise, the both of you can go anywhere you like.

The legalities

There are not any! A vow renewal isn’t legally binding, so you can have anybody you please turn into the celebrant. It might be your original wedding celebrant, a spiritual figure, among your kids or relatives or possibly a friend.

You might also pick the fundamentals and just swap new promises for each other within a candlelight dinner and then forego the officiant altogether.

The guest list

Contrary to a wedding, in which the guest listing might have been a source of anxiety as you attempted to find out who to eliminate from your guest list to fit into your preferred place, a vow renewal does not need to have a guest list whatsoever.

It may only be the two of you, or you might have the kids along also. If you wish to expand the guest list outside, you can invite your extended family or closest friends.

Traditionally vow renewals are romantic affairs, however, if you wish to compensate for an elopement and possess the big celebration, you can open yourself up into the above strain all in the name of a memorable occasion.

The apparel

In case a magnificent white dress is the order of the afternoon, get dolled up. If you want a casual bare-feet-on-the-beach event, that is fine also. It’s all about how formal you want your party to be, and the choice rests firmly with you and your spouse.

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