Top 5 Wedding Trend Predictions for 2018

Trends come in and out of fashion, and something that’s popular today will not always be popular a few years from now. In most cases, the complete reverse has come into fashion! There is a lot of wedding customs which don’t necessarily match contemporary couples, therefore for 2018 weddings, you may expect to see more interesting spins on old classics. Have a look through our listing of Top 5 Wedding Trends for your 2018 to find out what new trends you can expect to see in the coming wedding seasons.

Trend #1: Small Weddings

Gigantic weddings using a 700 individual guest list, extravagant waive décor, and budgets which place everyone into debt are something of the past. Nowadays, elopements and smaller wedding parties are the things to do! Smaller weddings let you invest more money in your wedding place and holiday spot, which explains the reason why destination weddings are so ideal… rather than spending money on feeding a little village, you can invest less on a beautiful vacation. Whenever you’ve got a set of 15 — 50 individuals, you will still have your loved ones beside you on your wedding day, but you will also get to research an amazing brand new destination (or mind back to your favorite resort)!

Trend #2: Wedding Parties
A brand new — and long over-due fad — in wedding celebrations would be to throw tradition out the window, also have Groomsladies and Bridesmen! A growing number of couples are observing the diversity of the families and friendships by turning the switch on the traditional wedding celebration and having both women and men on their side of the aisle to get assistance. For those who have Groomsladies and Bridesmen you also get to play with the newest style — will the men and women on each side of the aisle wear the same dress but in various colors? Will the girls about the groom’s side make to wear tuxedos? Will the guys about the bride’s side wear colored suits? The choices are endless, and for 2018 weddings we can not wait to find out how the wedding celebration evolves!

Trend #3: Fashion

White wedding gowns are viewed as the traditional outfit for a bride, but it is a relatively new trend so far as background goes. The white wedding dress just became popular when Queen Victoria got married in 1840! Back then, she had been viewed as bucking the trend by moving with a simple white dress, since most brides in her afternoon wore red to stroll down the aisle. Moving ahead into 2018, brides are wanting to buck tradition by selecting a vibrant wedding dress or some well-fitted lawsuit to wear in their wedding, which is just as (or even more) tasteful compared to the simple white dress. Coloured dresses and suits make it possible for brides and grooms to reveal their personality and design or pay homage to their own culture and background. The revamped wedding appearance is a 2018 fad we can not wait to see more!

Trend #4: Food
We have all been to traditional weddings at which after nibbling on some handed hors d’oeuvres, you will have plated meal of beef or poultry, feeling complete but not always excited in your meal. In case you and your guests are foodies, why don’t you go all out to the meals to the big day? In 2018, we see folks choose buffets and meals channels in place of conventional seated plated food! Buffets and food channels are superb, particularly in a destination, even as they allow people to have their selection of meals and permits them to walk around and sample different dishes whenever they blend and mingle with other wedding guests. Getting creative with your menu and supplying a tasty meal for you and your guests is a 2018 wedding fashion we are salivating for!

Trend #5: Décor

If it comes to décor, the most popular colors are an ever-revolving doorway. In 2016 and 2017 we have seen plenty of 80s colors like mint pink and green, or the newest neutral colors of cherry gray and navy blue. These colors seem beautiful (particularly in destination places), and we anticipate this trend to stay around for a couple more seasons! For other decoration, the trend is to go with a Mix of rustic pieces, such as natural forests, floral designs, and crazy bouquets; coupled with vibrant glam accents such as glass vases, green candles, and metallic fittings to make a beautiful boho-chic vibe. For 2018 weddings we all hope to observe a shift away from your garden light accents to more bold and vibrant colors. Deep reds, plum purples, and golds will surely come-back within the following couple of years!

As mentioned by one of our contributors Neil at Neil Atkinson Wedding Photography he says “Regardless of what you trends, you follow along with your wedding should be a reflection of you and your spouse — everything you love, and what makes you unique.” Do not be shy about inventing your trends and customs, since you never know if something could come into fashion! What is important is that you adore each part of your big day.

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